Wastewater Hydroponics

The goal of this project is simple: to identify plant species that grow well in treated wastewater, and to inspire a different line of thinking when it comes to what we do with our waste.

Streambed Wetlands

Leachfield Remediation

This project endeavored to develop and conduct a protocol to test products that purportedly extend the “life” of a soil absorption system and restore lost hydraulic function.

Floating Constructed Wetlands

Our quasi-floating constructed wetlands is a project made from wingdings and thingamabobs we had laying around, along with some plants which were removed from out other constructed wetland to make room for another wetlands project.

Unsaturated Layer Cake

Split Layer Cake

Saturated Layer Cake

Big Layer Cake

“Big Layer Cake” is an example of a saturated layered system. Saturation is maintained in the sand/sawdust layer to promote anoxic (no/low oxygen) conditions.

Silt System

The “silt system” was derived from a modification of the work of Dr. Will Robertson and others from the University of Waterloo.