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Project Highlights

  • 24’x60′ Modular Building

To support the scale of this project, MASSTC received funding from Massachusetts DEP to procure and outfit an on-site laboratory facility capable of conducting the analyses required for the Groundwater Separation Study. A double-wide modular building was selected and installed on the site in late February 2020.


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Laboratory Layout

In order to provide the most flexibility possible, the interior of the building was minimally configured. The building contained two 12×12 offices, one 12×24 room for the main laboratory, and one large open space that could be laid out as needed.

Site Preparation

One advantage of using a modular building is that they can be installed without a permanent foundation. For our project, we selected a space that required minimal leveling.

Building Arrival and Installation

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Building Installation Photos.

The building arrived on-site in late February in two pieces. The installation crew arrived on a Monday and were done by Thursday morning.

Interior Configuration

With installation and utility hookup complete, construction of the interior lab space began in earnest. Lab construction was particularly challenging with the social distancing requirements associated with COVID-19. Work on the lab was finished at the beginning of August 2020, just in time for the project’s microbiologist to start setting up the instrumentation.

Contaminants Addressed

  • Pathogens