Just like a sewer utility manages a community’s wastewater treatment plant, a Septic Utility Program (SUP) is the support system for I/A systems. SUP is an institution that provides management assistance to ensure residential Innovative/Alternative septic systems are functioning as they should to protect our health and environment.

An SUP manages every aspect of the I/A system’s lifecycle, from the permitting and installation of a system, to its long-term operation and monitoring. By overseeing every aspect of the I/A system lifecycle, The SUP provides essential services to homeowners and regulators. Caring for these systems and collecting data on their performance provides the confidence in the ability of this technology to be used as a tool to improve water quality.

MASSTC is the first SUP of its kind dedicated to managing Innovative/Alternative systems. Our mission is to help Barnstable County communities meet their water quality and public health goals by managing Innovative/Alternative septic systems for better performance and reliability through the establishment of a flexible and equitable management utility. 

Welcome to our new SUP Program Manager, David Iorio Izzo!

David is a seasoned project manager, known for his impactful work across banking, homeless housing, and public health. His expertise ranges from spearheading a $115M housing project for the unhoused population of New York State to leading infectious disease response initiatives in public health for the states of Vermont and Arizona. David’s dedication to fostering community well-being shines through in his roles as a Reiki master and herbalist, blending his professional accomplishments with a deep commitment to holistic health and community care. How cool is all that?

We caught up with David to ask him a few questions about his past community work as well as his exciting new present in a whole new role.

It seems like a theme throughout your professional career is making positive impacts in the community you live in. Can you talk about why it’s important to you?

Making positive impacts in the communities I live in has been a consistent theme throughout my professional career. For me, it goes beyond a professional obligation; it’s a deeply ingrained belief that individuals and organizations have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities they are a part of. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of community engagement and the positive change that can result from collective efforts. Using my skills and resources to effect positive change is not just a choice, but a duty I feel compelled to fulfill.

Communities play a vital role in shaping our lives, and I believe it is our responsibility to give back and contribute to their growth and prosperity. Moreover, this commitment to community impact aligns with my personal values and sense of purpose. By actively participating in initiatives that uplift and support the community, I find a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection to the broader societal fabric. It’s not just about professional success but about creating a meaningful and sustainable impact that resonates beyond the workplace. In essence, contributing to community well-being is not just a part of my professional journey; it’s a fundamental aspect of who I am and how I approach both my personal and professional life.

Taking all the experience you have around project managing, environmental stewardship and community development, how does the SUP Program at MASSTC fit into your professional puzzle?

The SUP Program at MASSTC perfectly aligns with my extensive background in project management, environmental stewardship, and community development. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated commitment to making positive impacts in the communities I serve, and the SUP Program offers a unique opportunity to further this mission. My experience in spearheading diverse projects across health, housing, and public health has equipped me with a holistic understanding of community dynamics.

The SUP Program’s focus on environmental stewardship resonates with my track record of managing housing projects for underprivileged communities and implementing public health initiatives. I believe in leveraging my skills to effect positive change, and the SUP program provides a platform to continue this commitment on a broader scale. My ability to effectively collaborate with multiple stakeholders aligns seamlessly with the SUP Program’s emphasis on coordinating with various entities. My adaptability, showcased in handling infectious disease response beyond COVID, reflects the flexibility required for addressing diverse environmental challenges. Additionally, my experience as a business owner has instilled an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen understanding of financial aspects, which I believe will contribute to the successful management and oversight of the SUP program. In essence, the SUP program at MASSTC is a natural fit for me to integrate my diverse skill set and experience in a role that aligns with my core values of community impact and environmental responsibility. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the program’s success and making a lasting positive difference in the communities it serves.

MASSTC’s SUP program is very unique and in its infancy. How do you see the program growing and what are you most excited about?

MASSTC’s SUP program is indeed in its early stages, and I envision its growth unfolding in distinct phases, each with its own set of priorities. Currently, we are in a crucial planning and hiring stage, laying the foundation for the program’s future success. As we move forward, the implementation stage will take center stage, beginning with the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of existing Innovative/Alternative (I/A) systems. This phase is particularly exciting for me as it marks a pivotal shift towards proactively managing these systems. I am eager to bring about positive changes by the possibility of distributing costs through a payment structure similar to a sewer betterment. This approach not only streamlines the financial aspects but also allows the SUP to take a more hands-on role in ensuring the effective operation and maintenance of these systems. What excites me most is the prospect of providing homeowners with a cost-effective solution while assuring them that their I/A systems are being maintained to the highest standards. By actively managing the systems, we aim to enhance their performance, prolong their lifespan, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community and its environmental sustainability. In essence, I see the SUP program evolving into a dynamic entity that not only addresses the immediate needs of the community but also becomes a proactive force in environmental stewardship. This unique approach to wastewater management has the potential to set new standards and positively impact the lives of homeowners and the community at large.

RME Basics

What is an RME?

Responsible Management Entities (RME's) are agencies or other organizations tasked with managing decentralized wastewater infrastructure.

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