Just like a sewer utility manages a community’s wastewater treatment plant, a Responsible Management Entity (RME) is the support system for I/A systems. An RME is an institution that provides management assistance to ensure residential Innovative/Alternative septic systems are functioning as they should to protect our health and environment.

An RME manages every aspect of the I/A system’s lifecycle, from the permitting and installation of a system, to its long-term operation and monitoring. By overseeing every aspect of the I/A system lifecycle, The RME provides essential services to homeowners and regulators. Caring for these systems and collecting data on their performance provides the confidence in the ability of this technology to be used as a tool to improve water quality.

MASSTC is the first RME of its kind dedicated to managing Innovative/Alternative systems. Our mission is to help Barnstable County communities meet their water quality and public health goals by managing Innovative/Alternative septic systems for better performance and reliability through the establishment of a flexible and equitable management utility. 

RME Basics

What is an RME?

Responsible Management Entities (RME's) are agencies or other organizations tasked with managing decentralized wastewater infrastructure.

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