What is a Layer Cake System??

The first question on everyone’s mind when learning about the “Layer Cake” Project is always, “Why do you call it layer cake?”

A Tool for Every Job

There is no “silver bullet” in onsite wastewater treatment. Each treatment scenario is different – a technology that works really well in one case may not work so well in another. Property limitations such as lot size or setback requirements may dictate the use of a system with as small a footprint as possible. Some situations need the best treatment available. Cost is always a factor. Sustainability is becoming more of an issue.

The Layer Cake paradigm is not a silver bullet, but in situations where it is a good fit, it can easily out-perform many of the other available options in terms of nutrient removal and long term costs.

Contaminants Addressed

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus

Related Projects

The “silt system” was derived from a modification of the work of Dr. Will Robertson and others from the University of Waterloo.

"Big Layer Cake" is an example of a saturated layered system. Saturation is maintained in the sand/sawdust layer to promote anoxic (no/low oxygen) conditions.