Product Testing

The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center has been providing third-party independent testing of advanced onsite treatment and other devices since 1999. MASSTC has been active in the development of national performance standards, particularly in the area of proving nutrient reduction. We have tested over thirty treatment products in addition to conducting research on questions relating to pathogen transport, removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products and a myriad of other projects.

If you have a product that you would like tested, or if you want an area to allow research and development of your product, contact Brian Baumgaertel by email at or by phone at 774-330-

Product Research and Development

Have a great idea you want to try out? Need to work out some of the kinks in your process? Want to make sure you have everything worked out before investing in a certification?

Come to the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center.

We can provide you with a spot to put your technology and the raw wastewater you need to test it, under controlled conditions.

Sampling and Analysis

When it comes to getting wastewater treatment certifications, quality-controlled sampling and laboratory analysis is paramount. A good R&D program pays close attention to the numbers as well.

We will work with you to develop a sampling plan that fits your needs and budget. Your samples will be taken by qualified MASSTC staff and taken to our parent agency's state-certified Water Quality Laboratory for analysis. Field data are recorded with each sample to give you a better picture of your system's performance.

To find out more about the lab or inquire about pricing, click here.