What is an RME?

Responsible Management Entities (RME’s) are agencies or other organizations tasked with managing decentralized wastewater infrastructure. They are a management support system tasked with ensuring decentralized infrastructure, such as on-site septic systems and Innovative/Alternative septic systems, are functioning as designed to meet health and environmental goals. Through different models of system maintenance, monitoring, and ownership, RMEs serve and benefit homeowners, municipalities, and regulatory agencies through customized approaches to decentralized wastewater management designed to meet specific needs and interests.

MASSTC is the designated RME for Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Currently, the RME program at MASSTC is designed to manage best available nitrogen-reducing Innovative/Alternative septic system technology. The processes and procedures for evaluating Best Available Technology (BAT) and incorporating it into the RME program will be established by an expert panel. Technologies will be regularly evaluated throughout the lifespan of the RME program at MASSTC for inclusion into the program.

Centralized Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure