Photo from the Buzzards Bay Coalition

MASSTC is pulling together a Recommended Technologies Panel (RTP)  to assess onsite nitrogen-reducing Innovative/Alternative (I/A) and “enhanced” I/A septic system technologies for inclusion into our County’s RME pilot. While there is no formal definition for “enhanced” I/A systems, these are generally considered technologies that remove significantly more nitrogen than the first generation of I/A technologies.

The RTP will: help MASSTC think through and develop procedures for the identification of best available technology to be included in the RME pilot; help MASSTC identify parameters to evaluate I/A technologies’ performance; help MASSTC qualify data from areas and entities outside Massachusetts and develop procedures for their inclusion; and help review I/A system performance data collected by the RME to periodically evaluate the inclusion of new/existing technologies into the RME.

The RTP is composed of volunteers selected for their technical expertise in wastewater and environmental management, and includes members from regulatory agencies, local government, academia, and regional water sector organizations. This panel will meet bi-monthly, and notes from this panel will be posted below.