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ECOPOD-N Delta Environmental – Pentair Water

Description of Technology

Descriptions for proprietary technologies are from the Massachusetts DEP Approval Letters for the technology.

The ECOPOD-N™ is a fixed film wastewater treatment system (System) consisting of two tanks in series, installed between the building sewer and the soil absorption system (SAS) designed and constructed in accordance with 310 CMR 15.100 – 15.279. The System replaces the septic tank component of a conventional septic system, and provides attached growth and nitrogen reducing wastewater treatment.

Wastewater enters a pretreatment/settling tank similar to conventional septic tanks. In this tank, debris and settleable solids settle to the bottom and are decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. The effluent leaves the pretreatment tank and enters the reactor tank, where it is introduced to an oxygen-rich environment. In this oxygen rich environment, a bacteria biomass develops and is capable of digesting (breaking down) biodegradable waste into carbon dioxide and water. This is a continuous process as long as the biomass is supplied with incoming wastewater and oxygen. The reactor tank includes a specially designed containment device that houses engineered plastic media specifically designed to treat domestic wastewater. The engineered plastic media has a 19mm sheet spacing with a total surface area of 47 square feet/cubic feet of media pack. The media is submerged in the reactor tank, which operates as a dilution/ recirculation clarifier zone. Air necessary for the growth of the bacteria attached to the media is supplied to the bottom of media bed within the reactor by an external compressor. The upward movement of air through the media bed also causes the circulation of wastewater through the media. The attached growth biofilm accumulates on the media, eventually sloughing off to settle at the bottom of the reactor tank and exposing new surface on the media for continued treatment.

In addition to treatment providing BOD and TSS reduction, the System also provides for nitrification of the ammonia and it’s reduction to nitrates which occurs as the wastewater is recirculated in the tank. Denitrification also occurs with the flow of nitrates through the reactor tank’s anoxic zone where they come into contact with the carbon source present in the sludge at the bottom of the tank. The nitrate is stripped of the oxygen molecule converting the nitrate to nitrogen gas.

Massachusetts Technology Approvals

Approval Type General Remedial Provisional Pilot
Secondary Treatment
Nitrogen Removal Credit
Phosphorus Removal Credit

Please check the Title 5 Innovative/Alternative Technology Approval Letters webpage at Massachusetts DEP for the most up-to-date information.


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