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HOOT Hoot Systems, LLC

Description of Technology

Descriptions for proprietary technologies are from the Massachusetts DEP Approval Letters for the technology.

The H-Series Hoot System provides for enhanced reduction of organics and solids in residential strength wastewater prior to the discharge to a conventional soil absorption system. The purpose of providing enhanced reduction in organics and solids is to ensure longer term reliability of the soil absorption system and on-site wastewater disposal. The H-Series Hoot System consists of a pretreatment tank, Aeration Chamber and Clarifier, described as follows.

Pretreatment or Trash Trap: Aides in the anaerobic decomposition of the influent and provides a storage volume for non-biodegradable matter which are inadvertently added to the system. This tank functions like a septic tank, providing a space for floatables (mainly things such as fats, oils, and grease) and a place for things to settle. A reduction of at least 50% of the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) occurs within this tank and approximately 25% of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5). This pre-treatment chamber contains a mid-level, baffled crossover to allow the liquid waste effluent to leave the compartment and enter into the aeration chamber.

Aeration Chamber: By means of the Troy Air Blower, oxygen is incorporated into the sewage. This introduction of oxygen is done in such manner as to intimately mix the organics of the sewage with the indigenous bacteria populations in the aeration chamber. Reduction of the organics is accomplished by these organisms. Movement of sewage in the aeration chamber causes the activated sludge that settled in the final clarifier to be re-introduced into the aeration chamber:

Clarifier: A still chamber located within the Aeration Chamber provides a quiescent zone where clarified effluent rises to the outlet, located 6 inches below the surface of the clarifier. This Chamber holds approximately 12 hours capacity of effluent which discharges to a soil absorption system (SAS) installed in accordance with 310 CMR 15.000 and this Approval.

Massachusetts Technology Approvals

Approval Type General Remedial Provisional Pilot
Secondary Treatment
Nitrogen Removal Credit
Phosphorus Removal Credit

Please check the Title 5 Innovative/Alternative Technology Approval Letters webpage at Massachusetts DEP for the most up-to-date information.


Hoot Systems, LLC
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