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Description of Technology

Descriptions for proprietary technologies are from the Massachusetts DEP Approval Letters for the technology.

The Nitrex Filter (the ‘System’) is installed in series after an approved I/A treatment technology, which provides nitrifying pretreatment, and before a soil absorption system constructed in accordance with 310 CMR 15.100 – 15.279, subject to the provisions of this Approval. Units may be installed in parallel and/or series to accommodate design flows to less than 10,000 GPD.

The Nitrex Filter consists of nitrate-reactive media, formulated from wood by-products, contained in a watertight enclosure. Pretreatment is required to nitrify the wastewater. The effluent  from pretreatment then percolates through the Nitrex Filter’s reactive media. Effluent from the Nitrex Filter is recycled once
or multiple times over the media, with the final effluent discharged to the soil absorption system. For installations indicating  wastewater with high strength TKN-nitrogen and low alkalinity, an alkalinity feed system is provided with the Nitrex Filter System.

Massachusetts Technology Approvals

Approval Type General Remedial Provisional Pilot
Secondary Treatment
Nitrogen Removal Credit
Phosphorus Removal Credit

Please check the Title 5 Innovative/Alternative Technology Approval Letters webpage at Massachusetts DEP for the most up-to-date information.


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