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Descriptions for proprietary technologies are from the Massachusetts DEP Approval Letters for the technology.

The NitROE ® 2KS or 2KM WWTS (the ‘System’) is installed in series between a Title-5 system septic tank and a soil absorption system constructed in accordance with 310 CMR 15.100 – 15.279, subject to the provisions of this Approval to accommodate design flows of less than 2,000 GPD.

The System is comprised of two-unit processes which are sequentially performed in two different chambers. The first chamber is aerated, via an external air pump and airline header/hose arrangement, to achieve both organic carbon reduction along with the biological conversion of ammonia-N to nitrate-N. From the Aeration Chamber, the wastewater then gravity flows into a Denitrification Chamber where, in the presence of natural organics from wood chips, bacteria mediate the conversion of nitrate-N to inert N gas that exits to the atmosphere via the Title 5 system vent piping. Depending on design flow and availability of local tank structures, the sequential Aeration and Denitrification process steps can be performed in the same single tank, which is NitROE® 2KS WWTS, or each process could be performed in its own separate tank with the overall NitROE® WWTS comprised of multiple tank combinations, which is NitROE® 2KM WWTS.

Massachusetts Technology Approvals

Approval Type General Remedial Provisional Pilot
Secondary Treatment
Nitrogen Removal Credit
Phosphorus Removal Credit

Please check the Title 5 Innovative/Alternative Technology Approval Letters webpage at Massachusetts DEP for the most up-to-date information.


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