Do you want your product tested?

The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center has been providing third-party independent testing of advanced onsite treatment and other devices since 1999. The Center has been active in the development of standards with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) particularly in the area of proving nutrient reduction. If you have a product that you would like tested, or if you want an area to allow research and development of your product, contact George Heufelder by email at or by phone at 508-375-6616. We have tested over thirty treatment products in addition to conducting research on questions relating to pathogen transport, removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products and a myriad of other projects. A partial list of products we have tested includes the following:

System name Link to Website Type of Testing
Aeration System STD 40
Aero-Stream (various products R&D) R&D
American Manufacturing Drip Dispersal R&D
Amphidrome ETI, ETV, R&D
Bioclere trickling filter STF40, ETV
Biomicrobics BioBarrier SDT 40, ETV, STD 245, STD 250
BioMicrobics FAST ETI, ETV
BusseGT Membrane Bioreactor Std 245, Std 40
Cromaglass R&D
Cultec Chamber R&D
Eco-Pur Peat Filter,_January_2010.pdf R&D
Eljen In-Drain STD 40-like
Enviro-Septic (R&D) R&D
EzFlow synthetic aggregate system R&D
GeoFlow Drip Dispersal ETI
Geo-flow pipe (ADS) R&D
MicroSepTec R&D
Nitrex R&D
Norweco Singulair (R&D) R&D
Phosphex (R&D) R&D
Phos-Rid (R&D)
PuraFlow peat system R&D
Quanics AeroCell (R&D) R&D
SeptiTech STD 245, STD 40
SludgeHammer R&D
Soil-Air (R&D various products) R&D
Wastewater Alternatives Treatment System R&D
Waterloo Biofilter (2 products) ETI, ETV, R&D
White-Knight R&D