Evapotranspiration/adsorption (ETA) bed

Dispersal component with an unlined bed using evaporation, transpiration, and adsorption for dispersal of effluent with an unlined bed; sometimes…

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Bottomless Media Filter

Media filter that does not incorporate a liner or other physical barrier between the media and the existing soil on which…

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Foam Filter

Media filter that utilizes an open-cell polyurethane foam material that is randomly arranged in prefabricated modular units.

Peat Filter

Media filter that uses appropriate organic fibric material (peat) as the media; typically packaged as pre-fabricated modular units with the media…

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Sand Filter

Media filter which uses sand of particular specifications as the media.

Upflow Filter

Media filter through which wastewater flows from a lower to a higher elevation; usually characterized by an anaerobic environment.

Textile Filter

Type of media filter which uses non-rigid, synthetic material of varying shapes and configurations; typically packaged as pre-fabricated modular units.

Aerobic Treatment Unit

Membrane Bioreactor

Trickling Filter

Type of media filter which uses a variety of media such as rigid plastics of varying shapes, stone, or tire chips;…

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