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Episode 103: Digging into Shellfish with Harriet Booth

We talk with Harriet Booth, Marine Resource Specialist with Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, about a wide range of concerns related…

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Episode 102: Water Workforce Volume 1

Brian and Kalliope sit down for a chat with Emily Michele, Project Assistant at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Technology…

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Episode 101: Pilot

In this episode, Brian and Kalliope banter about Cape Cod and their personal water stories. #OneWater #GroundWaterGuardians #LoveYourLocalWater #WaterQuality #MASSTC…

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Soil Absorption System Testing – How do we Collect a Sample?

Soil Absorption Systems (a.k.a. “leachfields”) come in all sizes, particularly for the ones tested at MASSTC. Depending on the technology…

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Viruses, Who Knew?

We are pleased to announce our first on-line training and training collaboration with the Yankee On-Site Wastewater Association (YOWA). Our initial…

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We Have Plaques!

It’s always exciting to get the first results from a new experiment. It is particularly satisfying when you have poured…

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