Episode 102: Water Workforce Volume 1

In Episode 102: Water Workforce, Brian and Kalliope sit down for a chat with Emily Michele, Project Assistant at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Technology Center, about her work and why she chose a career in water and became part of the water workforce on Cape Cod!

One Drop Leads to Another is a project about water connections – the connections between and across species, people, places and times. Each podcast episode features guests from a variety of backgrounds and professions that have water stories to tell, placing emphasis on how they are all interrelated. The idea is to highlight the concept that one drop of water always leads to another, and that the actions we take today, good and bad, trickle down into the water of tomorrow.

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The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Technology Center (MASSTC) is the nation’s premier third-party testing and research facility for innovative/alternative (I/A) onsite septic treatment technologies. Since 1999, MASSTC has tested dozens of technologies for industry standard certifications, provided space for technology vendors to do R&D work, and conducted original research on topics from constructed wetlands to nutrient and virus removal.