A room providing privacy, intended primarily for sleeping and consisting of all of the following:

  1. floor space of no less than 70 square feet;
  2. for new construction, a ceiling height of no less than seven feet three inches;
  3. for existing houses and for mobile homes, a ceiling height of no less than seven feet zero inches;
  4. an electrical service and ventilation; and
  5. at least one window.

Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, halls, bathrooms, unfinished cellars and unheated storage areas over garages are not considered bedrooms. Single family dwellings shall bepresumed to have at least three bedrooms. Where the total number of rooms for single family
dwellings exceeds eight, not including bathrooms, hallways, unfinished cellars and unheated storage areas, the number of bedrooms presumed shall be calculated by dividing the total number
of rooms by two then rounding down to the next lowest whole number. The applicant may design a system using design flows for a smaller number of bedrooms than are presumed in this definition by granting to the Approving Authority a deed restriction limiting the number of bedrooms to the smaller number.