an area of land in which wastewater seeps through layers of soil and by doing so undergoes natural biological decontamination

Urine Diverting Toilet

Chemical Toilet

Waterless toilet with a tank that contains a chemical to limit decomposition of non-water-carried human waste during storage prior to…

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Composting Toilet

Self-contained waterless toilet designed to decompose nonwater-carried human wastes through microbial action on a carbon source and store the resulting…

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Suspended-Growth Process

Configuration wherein the microorganisms responsible for treatment are maintained in suspension within a liquid.

Attached-Growth Process

Configuration wherein the microorganisms responsible for treatment colonize a fixed medium

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Component in which batch type suspended-growth (activated sludge) processes are carried out in the same tank in stepwise order (e.g. fill,…

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Activated Sludge Process

Wastewater treatment process that uses activated sludge to biologically convert non-settleable (suspended, dissolved, and colloidal) organic materials to a settleable product…

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Drip Field

Above or below grade soil treatment area where final treatment and dispersal occurs via application of effluent to the infiltrative…

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Effluent Screen

Removable, cleanable (or disposable) device installed on the outlet piping of a septic tank for the purpose of retaining solids…

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